Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Let it snow why don't cha!!!

We had a brief, but pretty snow today in Baltimore!!!  Love how it looks on the tree branches!!!  I took this picture while I was sitting at the light, no worries!  

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tulle Tulle Tulle

Here's two happy clients!  I made their birthday Tu Tu!!!  They are sisters born in the same month.  They are having a party today.  Look at those faces!  This is why I love to see for others!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm on a roll!!!

One of my co-workers saw my Cosmo bag and loved it.  I made this one for her.   I ommitted the fusible fleece step.  This bag requires a lot of prep. This time I fused the interfacing to the yardage before I cut the pattern.  This saved tons of time!  I plan to make it out of leather the next time!  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Foxy the cat!!!

Well I'm sitting at the machine working on my Cosmo Bag, and in my peripheral vision I see something....


This is another wonderful Christmas gift from my DH.  He purchased it on line from Ikea.  I just put it down in the Sewing Center a couple of days ago and sprayed it with Scotch guard.  Silly cat, keeps me in stitches!!!


Well it's a very rainy day here in Baltimore!  I had a client scheduled for a fitting today, but she cancelled.

I'm making an Amy Butler Cosmo Bag and she recommends Shape flex SF 101 interfacing by Pellon.   So off I went to Hancock's to buy some, Joann's didn't have any.  I checked Joann's online and they have it there only.  It also calls for fusible fleece, but I'm skipping that step.

There's only one Hancock's in my area, about a 25 min drive.  About halfway there I realized I'd left my coupons home!!!  In a panic I contemplated turning around, but a had an aha moment!  I pulled over and checked for online coupons and found the same coupons in the brochure on line. I don't know about you, but if it's not on clearance or on sale and I don't have a coupon, it stays in the store!!!!!  I hate it when Joann's has all those coupons in the flyer, yet when you get to the store everything is on sale!  Well I just use them on candy and/or that lovely lotion and liquid soap they have near the checkout lines!!!!   I'm also still ticked that you can no longer use coupons on magazines.  I'm glad you can still use them on book though!  I also love it when the clerk give me the end of the bolt discount (50% off)!

So I get there and pick up my interfacing, then I see a lot of 70% off signs!!!  Of course I have to investigate this!!!!  I found some beautiful crushed panne in a deep "Ravens" purple and ivory!   I think to myself this  purple would look divine in MCalls 6844!  I know, Latoria, I used to say I'd never use a pattern twice, but this one may get used 3 or 4 times, LOL!

I save a whopping $77.47!!!!!!

These are the fabrics I'm using in my Cosmo Bag.

My first completed project in 2015!  I saw it on Pinterest....handy little pin cushion!   I love that's a separate post!!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years' Eve 2014

Wow, where did the time go!  I'm happy to say I'm feeling 100% better!!! Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!  I got a little sewing in last night.  A simple Raven's scarf!  Yes my team, the Ravens, are in the playoffs!!!!

I asked DH what he wanted for New Years' dinner and he said pulled pork.  Well I've never cooked it before, but always wanted to, so off to the market I went after searching the Internet for recipes.
I settled on this one....

Our tradition for New Years' dinner include collard greens (money), black eyed peas (luck), and pork  not sure what that brings!!!  LOL 

Looking back on 2014, I had a very successful sewing year!  I managed to make lots of clients happy---my ultimate goal.  So many sewers cringe when they think about sewing for others.  I really enjoy it!  I love meeting new folks and being a part of the creative process in bringing their vision to life!  I have two prom gowns and a wedding gown booked for 2015.  Can't wait until 2016, I plan to retire and do it full time---from my lips to God's ears!!!!

I busted my stash a little (sewing for myself and donating to others)!!!!  Planning to continue to stash bust both fabric and patterns in 2015!!!  I also plan to keep up my "No RTW" commitment!!!!

I attended the American Sewing Guild's conference in St. Louis and had such a wonderful time with many of my sewing friends.  I learned a lot in the classes that I attended too!  I encourage you to check out our website,!  It's a great organization, a great place to grow your skill set and have lots of fun!!!!  Looking forward to the 2015 conference in San Diego, CA!!!!!

My GD, Kyla, also had a great sewing year!  At 10 yrs old, she sewed garments for her first Fashion Show!  Her segment was "Camo Sleepover"!  She made the tulle skirt---it's not the kind that's tied on she randomly cut and sewed the strips on to casing with elastic. She also made the pillow case, overnight bag, and eye mask, her last look was a fleece camo cape.  The video doesn't show well the rhinestone details on the cape pocket.  I was so proud, I cried through the entire show!!!  Go Kyla!!!!! She's a  Jr. ASG member and has many sewing mentors when she attends the monthly Neighborhood Group meetings!!!


My five-year old GD, Riley, told her mom:  "I want Santa to bring me a sewing machine like Mee Mee", well you know my heart melted.  Because I don't see her everyday and her mom doesn't sew, we decided on this model.  In a couple of years we'll see how she does on a real machine!  The reviews are pretty good and she will actually see the results of something she's made.

I am so grateful for all of you in Blogland!  I enjoy visiting my fellow bloggers and learn so much from all of you!  

Thanks for all the visits in 2014.  I hope to bring you more sewing tales in 2015!  

Wishing you all a Blessed and Happy New Year!  Be safe in whatever you do!!!  

Dressed to a Tee!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sewing plans thrawthed...

This is my current state, my plans to sew over this long holiday have been cancelled!!!!   I came down with a nasty bug on Christmas Eve.

I managed to get through Christmas dinner, but had to leave early.  I've been home nursing this nasty cold ever since.  I'm starting to feel better though. I may try to go into the Sewing Center tomorrow.

My fellow bloggers and Facebook sewing friends have kept me entertained!   I see a lot of folks plan to continue their RTW fast into 2015, so do I.  I will be stash and pattern busting in 2015!!!   I had the majority of them recorded in my Pattern Pal app, but when I switched over to my Iphone 6 I lost them.  It took days to enter---I won't use that app again.  How do you guys record your patterns? 

I've completed a lot of projects this's a few....this snowman was made for a sewing friend who collects snowmen.  She recently underwent cancer surgery so our group made them for her.  Here's the tutorial we used.

I used scraps from my GDs pjs.

I made this for my secret Santa gift.  The fabric is from Joann's remnant bin and denim from my stash.
A shirt my friend's GD had made for him.

another set of pjs.
These adorable twins are wearing shirts I embroidered.

Last but not least, my DH gave me this beautiful bracelet for Christmas!  I just love it!!!!  

Thanks for stopping by!  What are your sewing plans for 2015?