Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Christmas sewing!!

I purchased a white Christmas tree this year so I needed a new tree skirt.  My colors are gold and white.  So I went to my beloved fabric collection and found some brocade pieces.  I just love it when my stash comes through for me!  I cut out five pieces sort of shaped like fan blades and also cut out like pieces in muslin.  I sandwiches a thin batting betwwen the two and serged the edges with a gold and tan metallic thread.  I then zig zagged the pieces together a third of the way down, added a couple of ties to the top edges and presto, a new tree skirt!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Getting in the holiday spirit!

I decided my old jingle bell wreath had to go.  After perusing Pinterest, I decided I could make a new door wreath.  I went to my Joann ETC and picked up the supplies:  a white wreath on a wire base, a box of colorful Christmas ornaments, ribbon, a hot glue gun, some red and white decorative mesh, and a wooden holiday ornament for the center of the wreath.

I wrapped and tied and glued and this is the end result!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Visitng Savannah, Ga

Well I arrived in Savannah, GA on Thursday afternoon to visit with my sister, niece, and nephews!  It's such a beautiful city.  I checked out a couple of downtown fabric stores.  Measures was very small, but had some very nice garment fabrics including some nice leather pieces,  and a bit of notions too!  Fabrika had some luscious fabrics for garments and quilting, and some great notions.

I love her sign!!!!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jim!  He was in the middle of a pants class, and I got to sit in for a few minutes and picked up a few great techniques!!!

Well I'm heading back to Maryland in the am!  I had a great time in Savannah, GA...until next time!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Retreat sewing!

We had an awesome time again at our annual sewing ASG Maryland Sewing Retreat!  This is the ninth retreat I've planned and this one was pretty darn perfect!  The friendships that form are awesome!!!  Everyone just plugs away at their various projects and no one is too busy to lend a helping hand or a bit of sewing advice!
a sample of the delicious food!!!!!

Our sewing space!

I took way too many projects again this year.   I was smart in that I took a lot of UFOs (unfinished objects).  This snow man oven mitt was cut out some years ago at retreat, but not completed.  It will be a lovely Christmas gift for my mom!   It's a project from an old Creative Embroidery magazine.  The snowman face was a free download.  It's made with wool felt, flannel, and insul-bright.

Next up is the very popular McCalls 6844!  This jacket was popping up on tons of blogs, Pattern Review, and Facebook sewing groups.  Everyone was right, this jacket is fabulous and very easy to sew up!!!!  I put it together entirely using my serger!  This will not be the last one I make for sure!!!!  The are the first selfies I've taken using the timer on my new IPhone6!  Love this phone!!!  I used a sweater knit fabric...not sure where I got it...if I search my blog I probably blogged about it when I purchased it.  I cut the edges using my pinking shears which gave a perfect no-sew finish!  I've worn this already and received tons of compliments.  I LOVE the peplum back!!!!  So chic and flattering!!!!

That's all for now...I do have some more items to post.  

Has anyone started sewing for the holidays...on the last day of the retreat, I cut out some gifts.  Now I can pull them out and sew them at my leisure!!!  

Happy sewing guys!  Until next time!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm back

Hello blog land...thanks for keeping my company during my recuperation!  While surfing the Net, I found these beauties!!!  Now I just need a cute bracelet to put hem on!!! 

My surgery went really well!! The doc gave m the ok to resume normal duties as I feel comfortable.  So I did a bit of embroidery on Saturday!  These are shirts I sold at a recent event.  Pretty cute if I say so myself:
I currently planning my sewing projects for my upcoming retreat in November!!!  My goal is to complete some of my UFOs and to make a few winter pieces---all using fabric and pattern from my stash!!!    My plan is to cut out everything and place the notions, etc. in 2-gal bags beforehand!!!  Then when I arrive, I can sew, sew, sew!!!  

We have 24 folks signed up for the retreat!  It's our ninth year and  by far the largest group!  So looking forward to some quality time with my sewing buds!!!!!
Thanks for dropping by!  Happy sewing folks...until next time.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Carpel tunnel...again!

Hi everone!  This is my current status.  Taking it easy so I'll be ready for my sewing retreat next month!!!!  I'm enjoyimg all the wonderful blogs while I'm on the mend!