Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Progress, progress

Well the wedding gown is coming along very nicely! We had the final fitting Saturday and I just had to take in the seams around the hips to make it more "mermaidy"!!!  I also made a minor adjustments to the bodice to make sure no wardrobe malfunctions on the wedding day.  This is my first bride that will also have a reception dress.  I was disappointed about this as I wanted her to wear my dress all day!!!  Yes, I consider these gowns my dress!  A statement of me!  My pride and joy, just like a new born!  So I'll have to settle for seeing it sashay down the isle of the church and that's it!!! 

I did find that I need a stiffer petticoat netting to make the gown set out more.  So I'll be off to A Fabric Place on Friday to pick up some.  Should have gone there first instead of Joanns!

I'm also working on a wrap dress that I'll be wearing in the ASG fashion show in St. Louis next week!  I'm using an African print from Ghana.  It's a waxed cotton and the colors are luscious and vibrant.  I'm making View A with the piping.  Until next time!  Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wedding gown in progress

Well during this long holiday weekend which begins for me tomorrow!  I'll be making a friend/client's wedding gown.  I decided to use Vogue 2931  with a modified bodice.  I also cut the mermaid bottom fuller.  I won't post any actual pics until after the wedding.

Today I'm actually in Philly finishing up a business trip.  Our trip was cut short, but since I had the room reserved I decided to stay and get some rest in anticipation of my planned marathon sewing over the next few days!

I began working with the bride a few months ago.  She was loosing weight so I'm just starting her actual gown.  She successfully lost 12 pounds, so I had to really adjust the first muslin!  That's what I love about making a muslin---imagine if I had cut this expensive satin!!!!!  We had a second muslin fitting last week and she put on about 2-3 inches.  She has strict orders to eat lots of salads and drink water until her wedding day!

 I'll hit the deck early tomorrow morning to begin working on the gown.  Her wedding is August 15 so I want her to have her dress no later than the 20th of July!

I won't post the inspiration pic just in case someone she knows happens to check out my blog!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful July 4th!!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Summer

Hello everyone!  It's been awhule since my last post.  I've been chcking out my bloglovin peeps and enjoying the posts!!!

I've been very busy with client work!  Here's some priest stoles I made last month.  I made 14 of them!  I digitized the patches with Palette 9!  I was happy with the way they turned out!  The used a poly linen from Hancocks and a Easter cotton (crosses) from Joanns.  The poly linen is on the backside   The kente is from my stash.  

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Riley's birthday dress

I can't believe my 3rd GD turned 4 yesterday!  In keeping with tradition, her mom requested a birthday dress for her to wear to pre-school.  Here's our Riley in her Minnie Mouse dress.  Fabric purchased from JoAnns...it's preshirred.  I digitized the birthday patch in PE Next Version 9.  I selected the applique feature on my Entreprise and embroidered it on pellon craft interfacing.  I painted it with Mod Podge to seal it.  I think it turned out rather nicely.  Happy Birthday Riley!!

Here's Riley at her fitting!

I think it's too early in the morning for picture taking!  Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last prom gown of the year!

I call this gown "buttercup"  This is the inspiration.

Aajah's getting pretty!!!!

This is the foundation.  I constructed it with the poly dupioni and muslin.  I added gross grain ribbon to the edge and attached the hook and eyes.  I sometimes add a zipper instead, I think I like it with a zipper better.  This really keeps a strapless gown secure.

My label is sewn to the foundation.
I modified Butterick 4731. The gown was made with Casa Satin from Joanns...to prevent wrinkles and to give it more body I lined the gown with a poly dupioni.  The lower skirt is Casa with a Chiffon overlay.  It's lined with a regular cling free poly lining.  I attached gathered petticoat netting to the lower outside edge of the lining to give it a little lift.

This is the final gown of the prom season.   Now for some me time sewing, a bridesmaid gown, and a wedding gown for August.  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Proms proms proms

Well hello all...I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!  I've just resurfaced from the Sewing Center.  I've been so busy sewing up a storm for my prom clients!!!!  I finished the last gown on Thursday. 
I'll post about two projects!  

My client brought this all animal print blazer in requesting that the color and lapels be changed to black satin. I removed the collar, lapels, and pocket flaps; pressed them out; and used them for my pattern.  I had some black Casa satin from Joanns.  I recut the collar, lapels, and pocket flaps (fused them with fusible interfacing) and replaced them.  I think it turned out great! 

This client found a pic of a bow tie he wanted to finish off his prom look.  Here's the bow tie I made him. 
And here he is on prom night! Dapper Dan if I say so myself!!!!!

This was a last minute request from my great-nephew.  Only great nephews can come the week before prom and get a vest and bow tie!!!!! 
sequin & black satin bow tie

The fabric for the vest is a very opulent stretch sequin from A Fabric Place in Baltimore.  I attached seam binding to all of the seams to help stabilize it.  I used fusible interfacing in the lining.  The sequins had a 4" border fabric, which I used to make covered buttons!  Perfect match!!!!   I used McCalls 4321 view C-D without the lapel.  I didn't add the mock welt pockets...the sequin fabric made them too bulky looking.

This so far has been my favorite prom gown this year!  I used two Vogue patterns to create the look.  Here is the pic she showed me.

Vintage Vogue Vera Wang  1534
I used this pattern from my stash for the sheer bodice.  I used a fabric ironically called Vera MeshIt is sheer, stretchy and very strong!  I attached a satin binding around the cuffs, neck front and down the v-shaped back.
I modified Vogue 2931 for the body of the gown for the mesh bodice and v-shaped back.  She purchased a black stretch taffeta from A Fabric Place in Baltimore.  I cut the motifs from the black allover lace fabric she also purchased from A Fabric Place.   At first I glued them on to the sleeves, but that didn't work so great.  So I re-cut the bodice which is a one piece cut on the fold (sleeves and bodice all one piece) and sewed them on using a tiny zig zag stich  before I closed up the seam of the sleeve .   The lace motifs were then sewn to the neck binding and also to the front bodice.  You can't see it on the pics, but I attached heat set black crystals to the bodice and some of the motifs on the sleeves.  In person is was very stunning!!!  The lining of the dress has 10 yds of  54" petticoat tulle sewn just below the knee.  I kept it folded and gathered along the  fold with a gathering foot then sewed it to the lining.  It gave the dress that glamorous look and peeked out just enough for the added touch of drama!   It was perfect for the 5" heels she wore!!!!! 

I finished prom dress #3 last week. The prom is Thursday, I'll be sure to post pics and tell you the story behind it as well.  Thanks for stopping by...hopefully I'll get a few pieces sewn for myself in the next few weeks!!!