Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Simplicity 8383

Wow this dress was "sew" easy to make.  I love it!!!!  I didnt make any adjustments.  I sewed the size 14.

I used a poly knit fabric from my stash.  I constructed it with my cover stitch and serger!

For some reason I don't have it on my shoulders correctly in this pic.  The front neckline is lower than this!!!!

Happy sewing!!!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Look at this great sewing planner!

I love looking on YouTube for sewing related videos.  I came across this and loved it.  I have my own variation of this, but found this one a little more organized as mine.  Hope it"s helpful...enjoy!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer ready

I belong to a few Facebook sewing groups.  I love knowing that sewing is not a dying art/skill!  Some of these groups have thousands of members!  Both men and women, beginning nner and ecpert, quilters and garment sewers.  We share our love for fabric, patterns, machines, notions, etc. on Facebook.  Some of us have even met up in centralized locations, some have travelled long distances to met in person.  I created a Facebook group called Just Sew Retreat.  I post about my retreats, sewing organization techniques, and projects..  We have over 200 members.  So,e of the blogs have challenges.  This pattern was sewn by lots of people in the Sew Much Talent group.  It looks great on every body type.  Here's my version.  I used an ITY knit from my stash.  It's the perfect little summer dress.

Sleeves, hem, and neckline done with Babylock coverstitch machine.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Monday, May 29, 2017


I had the pleasure of working with six lovely young ladies this prom season.  Proms are a big event in Baltimore!!!  Families get together and host a "prom send-off" complete with music, food, photographers, etc.  I was able to attend four of my girls send offs and there were so much fun!!!!!  when I attend this events, I also pass out my business cards.  I've gotten lots of "sewing work" from these events.  This year I did a last minute prom alteration for a girl who was at a prom send off.

I present Dressed to a Tee 2017 Proms

First up, Daryn, I've known her since she was 5 yrs old.  She wanted a glam look.  Last year I created her jr. prom look.

She had so many pictures (top like this, bottom like this, train like this, etc.) in the end this is what we came up with.  I used Butterick 4731 as the base.  Because I was using sequin fabric I wanted minimal seams. Sequin and organza fabric from A Fabric Place in BaltimoreThey have the best one-of-kind and special occasion fabrics!!!!!!!!

 Here's my rendition!
The mermaid skirt is two-tiered circle skirts with 5" horsehair braid.  I saw this tutorial on Youtube and it inspired the mermaid skirt on this gown.

This my daughter's god child, Monae.  She is the perfect size, like a Project Runway model.  This is the picture she sent me.  

 I used Simplicity 1099 as a base to design the look she wanted.

I think it's spot on!  I used Casa Satin from Joann Fabrics

She captured the spirit of the model!!!!

This is Naija, my GD, she and I created this look as we went along, LOL, a luxury when your grandmother is a seamstress!!!   I used a t shirt created in Wildginger to create the base of her top.  I used a champagne stretch satin for the bodice and champagne mesh for the bodice inset and trimmed the neck and sleeves with a gold knit.  I made the entire top with my serger.  I also covered her bra in the gold knit.  It has an invisible back zipper.  The skirt is made of a bridal petal fabric found at Joann Fabrics. It's a high low circle skirt (champagne floral fabric) with 5" horse hair braid sewn in the hem.  It has a gross-grain waist stay and invisible zipper.  There are 10 yds of ruffled champagne tulle sewn to a champagne taffetta high low circle petticoat.  LOVE MY RUFFLER FOOT!!!!  The front tulle has sparkle accents; the remaining tulle is plain.  The tulle started out long to the floor and I cut it haphazardly with her in it to get the look we wanted.  Rather Lady Gaga-ish/Rihanna-ish!!!! 

She loved it....I might add that I made that top the night before prom.  The initial dress was a one shoulder all-floral ---- we decided she looked like "big bird" and came up with this top instead.  All fabric purchased at Joann fabrics in the bridal and special occasion sections.
 Walking the red carpet!!!!

Tajmah, was a client last year, I created her Jr. prom dress

This year she wanted something sexy, but glamarous.   I drafted the dress pattern in Wildginger and made flat pattern changes to get the look she wanted in the back.  I drafted a circle skirt with a slight train for the mermaid bottom.  I purchased the lace on Ebay and the stretch taffeta and mesh fabrics are from NY Fashion Center's on line store.  The neckline and dress back are bound in the stretch taffeta--cut on the straight grain, her sleeves are trimmed with the edge of the lace.  I cut motifs from the lace and zigzagged it onto the burgundy mesh mermaid skirt.  The stretch taffeta is a dream to sew!!!!!

This was the inspiration photo.

To keep the design of the lace in tact without have seams, I cut it on the bias in one piece for the skirt and basted it to the top skirt edge and outer edges where the invisible zipper is attached.  The lace looks bigger than the skirt when it's on the hanger, but when she put the dress on, the two pieces come together perfectly because of the stretch.

Next, Cierra,  she was referred to me by a seamstress friend, Cheryl who was booked.  Cierra was a great client.  This is the pic she showed me. 

 Mom and I agreed, this look was better for her.  Lace was from Ebay and 
the stretch satin from A Fabric Place in Baltimore

This lovely lady wanted Hollywood glam!!!  Ciara had her color picked out and wanted the floral mermaid look.   She too had a photo....
This is my version.   Stretch taffeta from NY Fashion Center, floral mesh from Amazon, mesh and bodice floral from Ebay.  I sent for swatches from everywhere to get the colors to match!!!!!!

lace motifs cut and sewn to back of mesh.  I use the lapped zipper method for this dress.

My clients were "sew" happy with their completed looks!!!  It's a wonderful feeling to see your work come to life!!!!

Now for some "me" sewing!!!!!  Happy sewing everyone, thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

First prom of the year!!!

I've been very busy sewing prom gowns.  Six in total.  This is the first, a junior prom!  My client, Amber said she wanted to be "elegant and classy."  My kind of girl!  So I drafted this little number in my Wildginger program.  A halter bodice and circle skirt.  I used a red stretch taffeta and a Joann fabric Casa brand poly organza for the overlay.   I love the stretch taffeta fabric.....it is so easy to sew, with just the right amount of stretch.  It holds its shape and does not wrinkle easily.  My source for this fabric is found here. :  https://www.onlinefabricstore.net/orange-stretch-taffeta-fabric-.htm
It comes in many colors!
When I print out the pdf pattern I don't cut the paper.  I trace onto medical exam paper and then use it for the pattern.  I make a mock-up out of muslin for the first fitting.  Wildginger teaches to make a sloper first.  I skip this step and make a mock up instead.  I mark my changes using a sharpie and the muslin becomes my pattern.  For the circle skirt, I decided not to waist my muslin fabric and taped the exam table paper together for the fitting.  I worked like a charm!
The waist looks a little high, that's because the dress is not sitting at the correct position at her neckline. 
Doesn't she look lovely!!!!!!

She was such a sweetie!!!!  I've known her since she was a baby. 

Back to the Sewing Center five more gowns to make!  One very special gown for my GD who is a senior this year!

Happy Sewing!!!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

New addition to The Sewing Center

While browsing Amazon for a sewing clock I saw in a magazine, I came across this darling little clock.  It's totally made from a vinyl record.  Yep, a vinyl record.  Check it out!  Isn't it the cutest.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sewing room shenanigans

In my quest to organize my sewing room I added another peg board.

I found so many pin cushions.  I didn't realize I had so many!!!!

I use this one to store barely used machine needles.  It has a strawberry needle sharpener.

My cousin, Vergie, made this multi-functional mason jar pin cushion. 
I purchased this pin cushion from Sewing Expo a couple of years ago.  Its for decoration only.
I received this pin cushion for serving as an Ambassador at the Sewing Expo.
I made this pin cushion many hears ago at an ASG conference.  The base is an empty tuna can.
I made this one also it fits right up against my sewing machine.
This magnetized bowl came from Lowe's.  I keep it at my cutting station. It catches everthing!!!

Barbara made the little chick a dee at retreat last year.  The small tomato was from a deceased church member's stash.  The wrist band one came from Joann's' and the flower pin cushion is actually has an elastic band that you wear like a ring!  I found that at Tuesday Morning's.  

This cutie was made by a friend who attended my sewing retreat.  She made one for everyone.  How many pin cushions do you have????

Happy sewing!!!