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Friday, May 8, 2015

When is a strawberry useful in the sewing room??????

Who knew!!!!  Not me!!!!

 Are you familiar with the little strawberry that comes along with the famous tomato pincushion? Do you know the purpose of that strawberry? It's an emery pincushion. Its purpose is to sharpen your pins and needles. It is filled with a mineral called "emery". Emery resembles fine metal shavings. It is used as an abrasive in industrial applications and also on many useful household items such as emery boards.

I noticed that I have a few pins that have become rusty from just sitting in my pin cushion.  OK, so I found emery for sale at Amazon!  Guess what I'll be putting in my pincushions from now on!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Such a beautiful and strong person!

I admire this lady more than anything!  She has been my sewing mentor and champion!!!  Here she talks about another hurdle in her life that won't get her down!!!!  

Nancy Zieman message...

Monday, April 27, 2015




Saturday, September 26, 2015

Departures from Prince Georges, Co, Catonsville, MD & Aberdeen, MD

More info:  Tee at

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My NC gal

As I posted earlier, I travelled to NC to make my niece's gown --- well here she is!  Gorgeous isn't she!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Busy Sewing Bee!!!!!

Well I have 3 proms this year! #1 - my niece... I traveled to NC a couple of weeks ago to make my niece's prom gown.  She choose Vogue 1374 minus the cowl back.  She choose a lightweight jersey like knit from Joann's.  We added rhinestone trim to give some sass!  So glad I had a 50% off coupon at Joann's--that trim was more expensive than the dress fabric!!!!!!   I usually order my trims on-line for a much better price, but the trim was a last minute addition!!!!

Gown #2 is turning out very nicely.  I'm using a vintage Simplicity pattern.  I modified the top to make it strapless.  I found this beautiful hot pink satin at Walmart.  It has the look and feel of duchess satin.  I picked up this stretch sequined fabric and matching organza for the overskirt at Sarah's in Takoma Park, MD.  Wonderful store chock full of beautiful fabrics!!!

Muslin mock-up used for pattern.
lining and tulle will be sewn under the satin/organza gives the skirt just enough poof!!!                          

Gown number 3 - Challenging!!!!!

I used my Wildginger Curves pattern software to draft this gown. I started with a leotard and drew the bottom of the dress down to just above the knee.  I'll add a full circle with an elongated train to the bottom.   When she came for her fitting I used the tape like they do on project runway to mark the cutting lines in her top.  I talked her onto letting me add a sheer insert to the middle of the deep v cut in the front.  I didn't want her too look trashy for her prom.  She is a very sweet girl so it didn't take much convincing, besides mom was in my corner on this on decision!!!!

Lastly, over the weekend I made some accessories for my niece's wedding.  I used a sparkle netting and a crystal trim for the veil.  I folded the tulle in half/rounded the corner edges and sewed across the top edges using a 4-thread stitch with my serger.  I pulled the top needle threads to gather it to match the width of the comb and hand sewed it on securely.  I used a David Tutera bridal collection bling on a roll for the edging. This was by far cheaper than actual rhinestone trim. Also the rhinestone trim was too heavy for the tulle.  I sewed the trim on using a wide zigzag and clear nylon thread. 

My niece has a tattoo on her upper arm so she wanted a jacket to cover it up during ceremony.  This is the modified shrug.  I cut the front so that the beautiful front of her gown would show.  I used a poly organza with crystal accents and lined it with a shiny poly organza to make it a bit more opaque.  I used a neat trick I found in one of my serger books to do the french seams.  Instead of sewing wrong sides together with my sewing machine and then trimming....I sewed the seams with a roll edge then pressed and sewed right sides together with my sewing machine to form the french seam.  It turned out nicely and was much faster as it eliminated the trimming step!  Where I wasn't able to do a french seam I pinked the edges.   All fabrics from my stash and purchased at Joann's.

Next up is her gown.  It's all pinned and ready to be bustled.  I think I'll add tiny satin buttons and make thread chains to hook over the buttons when she is ready to bustle it.  I'll be there so I'll be sure to bustle her gown!!!!!

That's it for now....until next time.  Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Zuzana from Like a feather blog has awarded my blog the

What you might ask is the Liebster award, just a brief explanation: the name comes from German meaning "beloved" or "dearest". The blogs receiving that award are the small blogs (with less then 200 followers) and are nominated by the other bloggers. The aim is to discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. are the questions Zuzana has for me:

1.  Who is the person you admire/who influences you the most?  I'm drawing a blank, not one person stands out at this time, I admire a lot of bloggers and am influenced by Blondell of The Sassy SewerSusan Khalje, Mrs Mole, and my sewer-friend who doesn't blog Sheryl Kelm. 

2.  Where are you originally from and how did you get where you are now?  Baltimore, MD born and raised!  Go Orioles and Ravens!!!!

3.  What is your favorite book?   I love the Sue Grafton series

4.  What film would you recommend us?   How to Marry a Millionaire with Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable, and Marilyn Monroe...the fashions are to die for!!!!  Such inspiration!!!!

5.  What are your other hobbies except sewing and blogging?  Baking, I love to try new recipes.

6.  How did you get to sewing?  My mom purchased a set of Childcraft books for us girls.  One of them had instructions on how to cut out and sew doll dresses!  I've been hooked on sewing ever since (circa 1973).  My first time using a sewing machine was in home ec (7th grade).

7.  What do you like the most about sewing?  Unlimited possibilities and sense of completion/satisfaction you get from a finished garment.

8.  Who inspires you the most in your sewing?  Susan Khalje

9.  What project are you the most proud of?  my wedding gowns--all of them :)

10.  What do you like about blogging?  I love that I befriend such talented people across the globe!

11.  What is your highest aspiration/dream concerning sewing?  My aspiration/dream is to retire in December of 2016 and sew for others full time!!!!

Now I'm honored to nominate a few bloggers: 

Tasha at  I found her blog on a google group "Sewing On My Kitchen Table"  I'm not sure how many followers she has, but I love her posts!

Latoria at  She's my sister-sewing friend!!!  She is an excellent seamstress and sewer who I predict will have an amazing advancement in her sewing/career life in the near future!!!!

Sarah at  She has the best blog photography!!!!!

Welmoed at "There She Sews" This chick is one of the most adventurous seamstresses I know...give her a challenge and she will rise to the occasion!!!!  Check out her creations at

Tasha, Latoria, Sarah, and Welmoed congratulations on your award.  Here are your questions:

1.  What was the first garment you sewed?

2.  Have you taught anyone else to sew?

3.  How many machines do you have, what's your favorite and why?

4.  What's your least favorite sewing task?

5.  What's your favorite fabric to work with and why?

6.  Tell us something most folks don't know about you.

7.  Are you a planner or spontaneous? 

8.  Who's your favorite designer?

9.  What garment/project are you most proud of?

10.   What is your highest aspiration/dream concerning sewing?

11.   Who is the person you admire/who influences you the most?

12.  What makes you smile.

Now ladies pick out some worthy blogs and pay it forward.  Happy Sewing!!!