Monday, February 16, 2009


I managed to get some sewing room organizing done this weekend! Yippee! I also purchased a beautiful yellow strecth charmuese for one of my prom gowns at JoAnn's. Unfortunately, I washed it as instructed and it spotted when I dried it. I'm taking it back and will buy more, I just will have to dry clean it.

I belong to ASG and our neighborhood group has a brown bag challenge due in March so I was working on it last night. I got 4 1/4 yd pieces of cute quilt fabric. I don't quilt but I cut the fabric into smaller squares and plan on piecing it together and making my granddaughter a summer top.

I'm also finished a project that I started 2 years ago! My girlfriend wanted her son and grandchildren's names embroidered on the back of her denim jacket. I finally did it. It turned out nice, but I decided to embellish with crystals and it's really popping now. I need one more bag to complete it. Her birthday is 3/21 so I plan on giving it to her as an early bd present!

Next I'll start on my sloper that I made using my Wildginger software. At our next meet-up group will be evaluating our slopers so that we can make clothes.

Hubby and I went out on Sunday for our Valentine's dinner. It was really nice! I had creme brulee for dessert!!!!

Happy sewing!

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