Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sewing room blues

I just cleaned out some of my stash! My friend is a teacher and has started a "sewing club." When she told me the girls couldn't afford to buy fabric, I said come on over to "Dressed to a Tee's." LOL

She came this past Saturday and she walked away with five XXL zip loc bags and a large box of fabrics. I also gave her patterns, books, magazines, zippers, buttons, and a sewing box! I have a sewing machine to give her as well, just have to clean it up a bit.

All of these things were in the basement mind you, not in my sewing room. Since I've cleaned out the cabinet that had the fabric, I plan to rotate the fabric in my sewing room down there. I also purchased a Janome 1600P on reward for being so charitable. LOL. anyway when my hubby took it upstairs to my sewing room I wanted to scream. I have to reorganize or something.

I figured if I post some pics of my room, I'd be shamed into getting it in better order so that I could post the after ones as well.

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Anonymous said...

Your sewing room is shows talent and full of ideas that blossom out when you sit and think about what is next..don't change a thing..not even a spool of thread..some of us don't have a place to sew..just think about how wonderfully lucky you are.and having a husband that helps in times of need..just continue what you are doing..and helping others to enjoy sewing too.