Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello there,

I've been away...San Antonio for work. The best thing about the trip was that I got to visit with my god parents for the weekend! They were gracious enought to travel 3 hours to pick me up and take me back to San Angelo, TX where they live. The BBQ ribs were scrumptous! Nothing like that here in MD. I had such a wonderful time, not to mention the fact that my godmother, Clara, spoiled me rotten. I have seen her since my wedding, 5 years ago this Aug 8! I slept til 10 am the first morning there! A nice hot cup of coffee and breakfast were awaiting me when I arose! She and her friend, Renata, were the best hostesses ever. They gave me a wonderful tour of San Angelo---don't kill me, but I didn't have my camera! They only had a Hancock's, Joanns packed up and left. I found a couple of nice pieces of fabric. The white with the squares is a poly/cotton blend, the black and white print is sort of a heavy gauzy, and the beautiful African queens is a cotton.

While waiting at the airport I watched season one of Project Runway! I love watching that show over and over again. I'm up to the final show. I didn't start watching until season 2.

Well I haven't gone into the sewing room since I got back last weekend. I'm going to a bridal shower tomorrow, and I went in to the store to purchase a card. I saw the cutest card that was a plain white card stock with a teny tiny wedding dress glued to the know I put that $8 card back and plan to make one this evening myself! I just need to go to Walmart and get some card stock when rush hour traffic dies down.

I'm sure you've heard of Sarah Veblen from the Threads magazine. Well she is a member of my sewing guild and I will be attended a lecture on facings and linings she is giving tomorrow! I'm so excited. I love all of her advice in Threads.
I also have a project to alter a bridal party. It's a wedding gown and six dresses. They were purchased on line directly from China. They are ok, the wedding gown is really nice, they left wide seams for alterations, luckily I have to take it in. I glued the beading down so that when I take out the seams in the bodice side and back they don't fall off. The bodice is rouched. They only cost $68 so what do you expect. I have to bustle the wedding gown also. One of the bridesmaids is pregnant! I'll have to add fabric to the underskirt of her gown, luckily the chiffon overlay is pretty wide.
Well. I'm on my way to Walmart! I'll post pics of the card if it works out ok.
Happy Sewing!

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