Monday, November 16, 2009

Aren't we Fierce!!!!!!

Oh what a night!  Some ASG friends and I spent a lovely evening at the Cocoran School listening to Christian Siriano promote his new book.  He gave a wonderful talk about his life before and after his big win on Project Runway!  It was a wonderful and inspiring evening.  After his talk, he took questions from the audience, and then autographed everyone's book!  His book is really cute, filled with tips and advice on style! I think his season was one of the best!  Are you still a fan of Project Runway since it moved to Lifetime?  Do you think the challenges lacked creativity or were less challenging then when the show was on Bravo?  Who do you think will win! 

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Cindy said...

Great picture of you!
I have not enjoyed watching this season at all...but...I still watch. LOL I can't wait until the next one starts in January. Thankfully this is the last week and we can get it over with. Carol Hannah should win. She has the best ideas with good construction. IMO anyway :)
Enjoy your sewing moments