Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ASG Maryland 2009 Sewing Retreat

the cute little camel is my granddaughter, Kyla
Wow, I haven't written a post in so long!  I've been busy doing so many things, where should I begin. I've done lots of sewing.  I participated in a Christmas Bazaar at my church...did pretty good!  I made fleece hat sets, cosmetic bags, bibs, and tissue box covers. I then moved on the making costomes for my first production at church. I chaired our first play!  It was a lot of work, but really fun and when the kids performed this past Saturday, the tears just fell!  The paly was about a group of presents who argued about being the "best present" and a manger scene where the shepards, Mary, Joseph, and the kings tell them what teh real "present" is.  I made the costomes for Joseph and the three kings.

My little "man man" celebrated his 1st birthday  KaDin Royal Purnell!                                                                             

Twelve of my sewing buddies from ASG went on a 5-day sewing retreat, a great time was had by all!  We sewed like there was no tomorrow.  Blankets, hats, blouses, suits, dresses, bras, tote bags, table runners, quilts, placemats, coasters, pjs, pillow cases, ponchos, robes and more.  Hats were knited and many, many embroideries were stitched.   It snowed all day on Saturday; it was so beautiful!  I made a lot of gifts for Christmas...I'll post pics later.  Guess what I used my stash...some of my fabric was 5 yrs old!

Now I've got more pjs and a few more gifts to complete.  Wonder if I'll get it all done.  LOL.  My daughters, granddaughters, and I will bake some goodies:  cookies...choc chip, oatmeal rasiin, sugar, snickerdooles, rum balls, shortbread, pecan swirls, hawiaan bread, banana bread, pean pie..yup I bake all of this from scratch.   I'm making the batters this week and swill tart baking on Sunday!  I'll probably make a few new ones too! 

In between all this I have dental appt--possible root canal---ugggg!

Happy Hanakkah; Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year!  Be blessed!


Aminat said...

Woah, you really had lots of fun at the play, and what a sewing marathon you had....You really got a lot done. Have a blessed holiday too

Kat said...

Whew! And I thought I was busy? It's no comparison to your schedule. Think sewing thoughts during that root canal too.