Monday, October 11, 2010

Go Ravens!

What a wonderful weekend!  The weather in B-More was fantastic!  I had a long weekend and spent most of it with my grand kids---that's right all three of them.  They are so cute and so different!  On Saturday, myoldest granddaughter and I learned to make hat with the Knifty Knitter. OMG it is so easy!  I'll post some pics when we finish something.

I'm a Baltimore Girl, Born&Raised~ and PROUD OF IT!!!!  Today is Columbus Day so I had the day off.  I got up at 5 am like I had to go to work...I browsed a few blogs and got my sewing mojo going.  Not many pics, but I completed about 10 fleece hats and this cute Ravens-themed tote bag (Simplicity 2551 View A)!  I free motion quilted the cotton Ravens fabric (purchased at and lined it with purple cotton broadcloth.  The pattern called for two inside pockets, and I added a cell phone pocket.  Free motion quilting is so much fun!!!!

I'll be doing a Holiday Bazaar next month so I'm getting some things ready to sell.  Do any of you participate in craft shows or bazaars...what do you make to sell?

I took my first lesson on the Enterprise.  It's such a cool machine.  I purchased Palette Software, so I'm trying to learn it also.  I damaged the dongle for my 3D Software, what a bummer, but I can get it replaced---thank God!!!  I go in next week for my first lesson on is so mystical!  I figured out some of it on my own.  I also joined a Palette and 10 needle machine Yahoo Group.  Did you know there is a Yahoo Group for everything!!!! OMG so many people with so much useful information!

Well that's it for tonight. Happy sewing everyone!  Peace

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Marjie said...

If I loved any football team, I'd be making myself a bag like that! The cell phone pocket is a grand idea; it's so necessary these days!

Glad you're learning to enjoy the new machine.