Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hi blogger friends!  I've been soooo busy.  I'm sewing up a storm.  Working on items for my church bazaar next weekend.  I'll be at my sewing retreat; but my DH and DD are manning the table for me, they are too sweet!  I'm making fleece hats/scarves; loop knitted hats/scarves; totes; aprons; cosmetic bags, and whatever else I can cram in prior to 11/16!  I will probably sleep on the first retreat day.  Here's some pics of the hats I made with a loom. I got the yarn from   I love that thing!!!  I'm working on scraves now.  I  usually knit on the train, it's so relaxing and makes my commute more enjoyable!  A friend saw me doing it and now she's knitting too!

This is the wonderful place we will be having ASG Maryland's 4th Annual Sewing Retreat!  New Windsor Conference Center, New Windsor, MD.  Is so much fun!  We are like girls at a sleepover!

I'm also making my new granddaughter a baptismal gown! I'll post pics soon.  It is sooo darling.  She is four months old and picked out her own fabric!  Yes, she really did, we were at Joann's in the bridal section.  I showed her a Casa lace at first and I got no response, when I picked up a pretty piece of fabric that had very dainty pearls and sequins, she perked right up!  She grabbed at in and me and her mom know that she was saying, "that's the one Mee Mee, that's it"  LOL  She is a real cutie! 

I also embroidered this sweatshirt for a dear friend, she's giving it to her husband for Christmas.  Now my husband is getting one made for a co-worker.  He's so slick, he knows once the others see it, they will want one.  He is my biggest salesperson these days!!!  LOL  I'm loving my Enterprise!  Until next time!


Victoria said...

Lovely hats! The colors are so vibrant and rich! BTW, great embroidery work as well.

Sew Passionista said...

Your hats are so sweet and your shirts are gorgeous.