Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sewing Room Update

The guys are making much progress! All of the electrical upgrades and lighting have been installed. Way to go Shawn! Next up sheet rock!

Now I have to decide what color to paint????? I'm going back and forth between a pale yellow or a soft beige. Any suggestions folks, what color is your sewing room??

Here is the artwork I'll be hanging!

This flooring will be installed last. 


Towanda said...

My room is painted a pale mint green. It is very calm and soothing. Once the drywall is up, stand in the middle of the room with the lights out. Have someone turn the lights on and what do you see. Do you want the room to be bright and energetic or calm and soothing? Is the iighting harsh or soft? What are your favorite colors? The funny thing about the paint color for my room is that I'm not a green person. This is the first time, I have ever had green walls.

Elaray said...

My room is a light pink. The painted wall was much "pinker" than the paint sample, but I'm used to it now. As a matter of fact, your artwork would look good on my wall!!! ; )

Melodye said...

I'm going to respectfully disagree with both Towanda and Elaray. I'd go as light as possible. You're in the basement and you're going to have to think about shadows, even with the best light. As I get older I need more light especially at night. And if I didn't say it before, I'm pea green with envy! I can't wait the see the finished result!

Genine said...

I like the pinks...where did u get that art work it's really nice.