Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sewing Center Update

It was worth the wait! I was a little worried when my cabinet maker failed to deliver my work table and shelves twice. Oh how I began to pray! We thought we would have to go to IKEA and taking him to court! But then I got a call last Friday asking if I could come to his shop to take a look at what he had done so far. More prayer! My husband and I arrived and to my relief they were perfect yet still in an unstained state. He had taken the drawer from my sewing machine table to match the color. He again promised that deliver would be soon. Praise be to God! He called this past week and said they were ready to be delivered!!! I got the call from my DH around 4:30 pm Sat that the cabinets had arrived! I was home in a half hour later and was amazed. The work table is perfect (48" x 5 ft with a 2 ft drop leaf). The doors to my house are narrow so it had to be bought in pieces and then put together in the room.  It's not on wheels like I wanted, but because of where I have it placed, I should never have to move it!  David (cabinet maker) is so talented, he built this table to my specifications and I LOVE IT!!!!!!  I'm going away this weekend to the ASG PA Chapter's sewing retreat, but when I get back I look forward to many, many days of sewing fun!

table with drop leaf down and thread rack waiting to be painted.

left side of table more patterns and fabric!!!!!!

Worktable with extension up (7 ft)!!!!!
The fabric shelves were built so that the top shelf will house 45" fabric and the bottom 60".  I have a bit of room to add more fabric, but it will be tight!  Not to mention that I still have a closet full of fabric in the old room. Once I get the understeps storage organized, I plan to bring that fabric and store it in there.  No to mention I will be giving a lot away!
Fabric storage!!!  Fabric in the bins are being given away!!!

Buttons, buttons!  This was fun to make.  Just covered the switch plate cover with tacky glue and stuck them on.  Majority of the buttons belonged to my Great Aunt Pearl.  Her BD was Aug 4 and mine is Aug 3.  I always felt we were kindred spirits as she loved to sew and cook!  And she was the "hippest" of all my great aunts!  

In honor of the completion of my new Sewing Center I'm having my first blog give away!!!  This beautiful floral knit jersey (2 yds, 60" wide) can be yours!  Just leave a comment.  Winners will be chosen randomly at 9 pm on Wednesday, May 23, 2012.
Have a great day!  Hope you enjoyed the post!


Sheila said...

That is an awesome custom sewing table, really like the open cabinet for storing your fabric and the height dimensions for 45" and 60" bolts.

Great giveaway, and can imagine that lovely fabric made into a wrap dress.

Melodye said...

That table is fantastic! I love the drop leaves, that way you can use one, both or none! But the fabric storage gives the room a real high end look. Good for you and good for David!

I'm thinking Vogue 1250 for the fabric give-a-way

Nancy said...

Ok, I am a sucker for contests. I think the fabric is fantastic but even better is your beautiful new furniture and sewing room. Please include me in your drawing!!

I can't tell you what an inspiration you are to me. We met briefly at the LA ASG conference last year and I have faithfully followed your blog ever since. Please keep writing, the best thing about your blog is that it is heartfelt and personal. I enjoy every minute.

Michelle Hudak said...

I love your much storage makes my heart pitter-patter! My next house has to have a whole room dedicated to sewing/crafts. In the meantime, I have a corner of my walk-in attic for my desk and sewing shelf. It's cold up there in winter and sweltering in summer but I'm going to convince hubby to let me put in a window air conditioner so I can "sew with the spiders" this summer LOL.

Thank you for the chance.

Anonymous said...

NICE fabric! I L*VE your sewing room!

Anonymous said...

Love your sewing table! Makes it so much more fun to sew. I would love to be in your drawing// I left dinner on the stove and left for about an hour, came home to a whole house full of smoke...needless to say my fabric stash is quite stinky. Our insurance is covering the damage, but no sewing going on here for a week or two.. would love to sew up that great knit!!!

Anonymous said...

You must have the best husband in the world to see your dreams come true the way he has. Does he have a twin brother?

Joyce in NC said...

I love your new table. Your sewing area is looking very good.

Thanks for the fabric giveaway!

Towanda said...

That table was worth waiting for. It turned out great. Have a good time this weekend.

Dressed2atee said...

@annoymous, I sure do he is the best! :)

Cindy said...

I love seeing how others store their things. thanks!

MAD14kt said...

Loving your sewing area! Please enter me :)