Monday, June 25, 2012

She in fact stole the show!

Little Miss Amiya was pulled into the wedding ceremony in her own custom decorated wagon looking like the little princess she is.  No cameras were allowed at the actual ceremony, but here she is!

Too cute!!! 

 Her chariot awaits her!

Myfirst ever non-white wedding cake!  It was vanilla and chocolate inside!

This is one of my favorite's McCalls 6074, second time I've made it.  I picked up this fab knit confetti print during my visit to the "The Fabric Mart", PA in May.  Hate when hubby takes my pic, he didn't tell me my necklace was crocked, lol!
It's straight now, lol


Tanya said...

What a cutie, that dress is beautiful, yours isn't to shabby either, you look great.

Aminat said...

What a beautiful dress on the little princess.

Cinnamonhntofchocolatedrop said...

Cute dress and in love with concept.... When are you going to make your 1st Princess her dress?!?!?!?!? :)

Tee said...

@DD aka Cinnamon... Soon, very soon. :)