Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sewing Expo Chantilly, VA

Me and 25 of my sewing buddies headed down to the Sewing Expo in Chantilly, VA yesterday! Thanks for the support ladies!!!

We had a wonderful time!  Saw some old and made some new sewing friends!  So good to see my good friend, Darlene Griffin!  This is the Expo's last time in Chantilly---they're coming to Baltimore - May 2013!!!!! Right in my backyard!

I took an interesting class on sewing room organization taught by Debra Justice.  She gave us some great tips.  Her sewing room is featured in this book. It was my go-to-book when I was planning my Sewing Center.  She also taught a class on sewing machine feet.  Did you know that most feet are interchangeable between all major brands?  You just have to determine if you have a low or high shank!  I have some feet from an old machine, and I can't wait to see if they'll fit any of my other machines.  I especially hope the old ruffler foot I found will work!!!!!

Peggy Sagers has a new men's shirt pattern. In this class she demoed the industry techniques used to construct a man's shirt.

Here's what I purchased at Expo
I'm gonna be a pillow case for Kadin!
beautiful cottons
A pair of Kai embrodery scissors with a nice shield

I'll stick this tape to my cutting table and use the
grommets on some tee shirts.  The vendor selling them
had on a cute tee shirt with these!  They are plastic
and snap together very easily, but stay put!

Until next time!!!!!


jc said...

Hey Tee. I'm glad the expo will be coming to Baltimore last year. Going to Chantilly is a bear. The last expo I went to, a Fairfax county Connector (their bus system) nearly ran me off of Hwy 28. It was horrible and lasted for over 5 minutes. If you recall, we had ALOT of rain (flood warnings) during the 2010 expo. Baltimore will be less traffic for me cause I'll be going against traffic.I'm thinking Northern VA is becoming too expensive for them. Thanks for sharing! :-)

Lisa H. said...

That a nice haul of sewing goodies. Looks like you had a great time.