Saturday, February 23, 2013

I led our ASG neighborhood group in making this cute little mug rug!  I found the tutorial hereIt was really quick and simple to make.  This will surely be on my list of things to make for Christmas gifts!!!!!
A cute little mug rug.  Tea and cookies anyone!

Here's the bride's reception dress.  I used Vogue 8151 and made it into a dress.  It's a ponte knit from A Fabric Place.  Love this fabric!

ok, confession, I made an error when putting in the zipper.  I completely forgot about adding the zipper to the back.  Can't mess up the bride's hair do!!!!  So I was sleepy and should have stopped and put it in as a result I cut the center seam of the front instead of the back.  Yikes!!!!  Sad thing is I didn't realize it until she tried it on last night.  So today instead of re-cutting (no extra fabric), I made this dart munipulation design in the back!  It turned out great and no one will know it was a mistake!  The dress is too small for the mannequin.  Stephanie (the bride) is sooo tiny.  I'll get pics of her in it when she picks it up tomorrow.

cover stitch hem, love it!

I remembered to put in my label, I usually forget!
Good night sewing friends, gotta rest up for tomorrow's sewing adventures!


Sheila said...

What a cute project and the fabric so cute & whimsical. That was a great save on the dress. The important thing is having an understanding client.

MAD14kt said...

Tee, you have been very busy :) I L*VE the knit fabric!

DawnSSL said...

I lvoe your dress, very nice!