Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"SEW" Day

Well we finally got a snow day!  But it really didn't snow much in Baltimore City mostly rain and wind.    I checked my emails and saw the Feds were closed!!!!!  I spent the day in my Sewing Center -- Awesome!

Sashes done:  9 total for the Cotillion! They are a deep lilac color.  I used a Sulky black metallic for the lettering.  It should stand out pretty nicely against the girls' white gowns.

The crown is adorned with Crystals

This is the mask I wore to the Mardi Gras Dance last month.  I painted the mask and then doused it with glitter.  The trim & feathers were sewn on.  Pretty good for my first mask!!!! 
I finished the Woman of the Year sash for the Zeta's Sorority  I'll press it tomorrow and take a photo.  I cut out one of the orange bridesmaids gowns, and will finish it tomorrow.   
My other projects:   3 prom gowns and my LBD.  I have to go shopping for fabric for 2 and the other girl will come on Sunday for her fitting.  As for the LBD, I just have to sew one panel, add the zip, and hem! 
Until the next time!!!!  Happy sewing!!!!


MAD14kt said...

WOW Tee, you have been busy as a bee. Did you use the fonts on your machine or you have embroidery software? GREAT JOB!!! :)

Tee said...

thanks! I have Palette 9 embroidery software.

Faye Lewis said...

You are always so busy. Love your mask.

Tee said...

Thanks Faye!!!!

MAD14kt said...

Thanks Tee for the there a learning curve? I have have a free program (Embroidery Fonts Plus) that I have been playing with. Maybe if I play with it more than I would like it :) I also have Sew What Pro that helps me edit my designs :)