Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Well the year is almost over....I accomplished some of my sewing goals...I did shop my own stash; I only purchased fabric for clients and for me only when I went to the NY garment district!  You just cant' go to NY and not buy fabric!!!!  However, I fell short when it came to patterns...I did buy a few on sale at Joanns on Black Friday.  I paid off my Bablylock Enterprise so happy about that!!!  

In 2014, I plan to pay it forward and teach a few youth to sew.   I gave my middle granddaugher, Kyla, a sewing machine for Christmas, she'll be my first student.  She is very eager to learn.  I told her the machine had to stay at my house until she finished all of her lessons.  First up will be a pillow case using the burrito method.  I love this method because it teaches french seams!

One of my god daughters also got a sewing machine for Christmas.  I'm putting together a box of goodies for her to create with.  She has been taking sewing lessons for about a year and a half!

Since my husband's heart surgery I haven't sewn much.  I did complete a hat set for a client.  She ordered it for her sister who has been taking care of their aging parent.  She loved it!!

Well, tomorrow's New Years Day and our church is hosting our 20th Annual Community Dinner!  The men go downtown (Baltimore) and bring the homeless to our church hall for a full course meal (turkey, ham, soup, and all the fixins)!  I made two pans of dressing and bought some cranberry sauce!  It is such an awesome time!  The youth serve them and everyone has a great time!!!!  People donate clothing and toiletries.  Love is felt all over the room!!!!  

Since I'm working Thursday and Friday I don't plan to do any sewing.  I must first reorganize the mess I created planning for my sewing retreat, which sadly, I didn't get to attend.  I had begun bagging projects and packing.  Oh well, at least when I do get back in the room, I'll have some projects ready to go!  In the meantime, I'm enjoying this quality time with my hubby while he recuperates from Triple by pass surgery. 

God is so good!  Peace and blessings to you and your families!  Wishing all your sewing dreams come true in 2014.


Towanda said...

Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year

Anonymous said...

Nice hats and like you, now I understand and agree with your comment on NY! I have enough fabric to last for the remainder of this year and some. :-). Nice post and thanks for reminding us of what's important. My Dad was suddenly hospitalized last year and we had to miss a family reunion that he looks forward to so I understand, but it's well worth it when it's family--even if you have to take a financial hit. You've been through a lot, and the Lord has certainly been with you. God bless and thank you for sharing :-)

Joyce in NC said...

Happy New Year! Hopefully, your husband will heal quickly. My DH was out of work for a little over 3 months. He recovered fully and is back to work.