Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sewing plans thrawthed...

This is my current state, my plans to sew over this long holiday have been cancelled!!!!   I came down with a nasty bug on Christmas Eve.

I managed to get through Christmas dinner, but had to leave early.  I've been home nursing this nasty cold ever since.  I'm starting to feel better though. I may try to go into the Sewing Center tomorrow.

My fellow bloggers and Facebook sewing friends have kept me entertained!   I see a lot of folks plan to continue their RTW fast into 2015, so do I.  I will be stash and pattern busting in 2015!!!   I had the majority of them recorded in my Pattern Pal app, but when I switched over to my Iphone 6 I lost them.  It took days to enter---I won't use that app again.  How do you guys record your patterns? 

I've completed a lot of projects this's a few....this snowman was made for a sewing friend who collects snowmen.  She recently underwent cancer surgery so our group made them for her.  Here's the tutorial we used.

I used scraps from my GDs pjs.

I made this for my secret Santa gift.  The fabric is from Joann's remnant bin and denim from my stash.
A shirt my friend's GD had made for him.

another set of pjs.
These adorable twins are wearing shirts I embroidered.

Last but not least, my DH gave me this beautiful bracelet for Christmas!  I just love it!!!!  

Thanks for stopping by!  What are your sewing plans for 2015?


Faye Lewis said...

Hurrah and get well!

Aminat said...

Oh hope you are feeling much better... I didn't make much sewing plans this holiday just trying to go with the flow.
I use pinterest for my pattern logging so no need to backup if my computer or phone changes. Take care and have lots of rest.

It's Melanie Darling said...

Feel better my friend. You have been doing some awesome work, I got my eye on you.