Sunday, January 4, 2015


Well it's a very rainy day here in Baltimore!  I had a client scheduled for a fitting today, but she cancelled.

I'm making an Amy Butler Cosmo Bag and she recommends Shape flex SF 101 interfacing by Pellon.   So off I went to Hancock's to buy some, Joann's didn't have any.  I checked Joann's online and they have it there only.  It also calls for fusible fleece, but I'm skipping that step.

There's only one Hancock's in my area, about a 25 min drive.  About halfway there I realized I'd left my coupons home!!!  In a panic I contemplated turning around, but a had an aha moment!  I pulled over and checked for online coupons and found the same coupons in the brochure on line. I don't know about you, but if it's not on clearance or on sale and I don't have a coupon, it stays in the store!!!!!  I hate it when Joann's has all those coupons in the flyer, yet when you get to the store everything is on sale!  Well I just use them on candy and/or that lovely lotion and liquid soap they have near the checkout lines!!!!   I'm also still ticked that you can no longer use coupons on magazines.  I'm glad you can still use them on book though!  I also love it when the clerk give me the end of the bolt discount (50% off)!

So I get there and pick up my interfacing, then I see a lot of 70% off signs!!!  Of course I have to investigate this!!!!  I found some beautiful crushed panne in a deep "Ravens" purple and ivory!   I think to myself this  purple would look divine in MCalls 6844!  I know, Latoria, I used to say I'd never use a pattern twice, but this one may get used 3 or 4 times, LOL!

I save a whopping $77.47!!!!!!

These are the fabrics I'm using in my Cosmo Bag.

My first completed project in 2015!  I saw it on Pinterest....handy little pin cushion!   I love that's a separate post!!!


Faye Lewis said...

I feel the same way about using coupons at the fabric stores. In my Hancock's what I want is often already on sale so I can't use the coupon. But thank God I do get to use them sometimes. Have you considered installing the store app's on your phone? I get 20% (etc) off the entire purchase notifications quite often.

Tee said...

Hi Faye, thanks for your comments. I have the Joann's app also. I just checked on the Hancock's's only for people who has Designer Deals. Do you have Designer Deals?

LaToria said...

I can't believe you're going to use a pattern more than "once", WOW!!!! Hmmmm, I may have to print and frame this post for a later date/conversation. LOL!!!!