Friday, February 13, 2015


Well hubby and I are on vacation in Williamsburg, VA.  We have a timeshare and since this is a low-budget trip we decided to go here instead of our usual spot Las Vegas.  Since we drove I brought along my sewing gear.  First time I've ever taken it on vaca with hubby.  Hubby stressed he wanted to rest on this vaca so it gave me plenty of sewing time.  The kitchen counter in our suite is perfect for sewing and cutting. My projects were pre-cut and bagged with notions before I left, but I did have to cut some binding for my aprons.  I found this awesome tutorial for making binding.  I didn't have the ruler they were promoting, but since I'd made binding similar to this before, it was a piece of cake.


Here are the aprons!  
close-up of binding

There were two thrift stores didn't have anything sewing related.  The second one; however, had an old Singer in a sewing table for $80...couldn't justify buying it.  I did find about a dozen patterns.  I purchased this lovely Vogue pants pattern (circa 2001) for $1.98!

This is one of my pre-cut projects.  M6844 I love this pattern.  I made it totally using my Evolve serger.  It's Raven's purple crushed penne from Hancock's. 

Man I look just like my mom's profile in this pic!
I visited the Hancock's in Hampton (about a 25 min drive) and found this lovely wool blend on sale!!!  60% off---if you have a Hancock's nearby check it out.  They had some beautiful wool blends to choose from!  I purchased a yard of this beautiful lime green.  The other is a deep green both are wool blends. They both have a beautiful drape and hand to them.  I see the lime as a beautiful skirt and plan to use the darker green for the pants pattern I picked up at Goodwill.

 a beautiful lime green, 1 yd

 dark green wool blend, 2 yds.  

I also made this cape for a friend.  McCalls 6209.  I purchased the fabric from Hancock's 60% off wool flannel.  It's so warm!!!  Excuse the wrinkles.  I don't dare iron this with the hotel iron! I'll steam it real good at home with my Reliable before I give it to her!!!!!

 Erica B inspired me to buy this pattern. Check out her version here:
 I have a client that wants Steeler's pjs.  I'm using this pattern.  I could only find two patterns for men's pjs with a fly, the other was a Kwik Sew.  Kwik Sew only had the bottoms.  A better value with the Vogue, and it was on sale for $4.99!  Plus, these are some sexy pattern models if I say so myself!!!!!

Honorable mention:  Joann's in New Town  People always comment negatively about Joann's staff---well the staff at this location was awesome.  Very friendly.  Joann's is across from The Loft and next door to Barnes and Noble's.  

So I've had a great time in Williamsburg, VA!  Yes, hubby and I did leave the room!  Sorry Latoria, we didn't make it to the Pottery.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Valentine's Day!!! 
Valentine's 70% off at Joann's


Faye Lewis said...

Hey Tee, did I ever mention Bloglovin to you? I have you on my blog roll there and can see your posts but cannot comment from that position. I love your blog and want to comment more. Not trying to tell you what to do (of course)just a suggestion.

Faye Lewis said...

P.S What a great vacation!

Towanda said...

I'm glad that you had a great vacation.

Tee said...

Hi Faye, Not sure what I need to do on Bloglovin...I thought I was there. Do you know?

-jo mb said...

Praise Him!!! Hot diggity dog!!! I am so happy for your recognition, especially in such a prestigious magazine like Threads! When you do the thing you love, you do it well, and someone is going to love it back. Plus, what a great vacay, and a great eye for cloth (Hancocks is
'da bomb').