Friday, May 8, 2015

When is a strawberry useful in the sewing room??????

Who knew!!!!  Not me!!!!

 Are you familiar with the little strawberry that comes along with the famous tomato pincushion? Do you know the purpose of that strawberry? It's an emery pincushion. Its purpose is to sharpen your pins and needles. It is filled with a mineral called "emery". Emery resembles fine metal shavings. It is used as an abrasive in industrial applications and also on many useful household items such as emery boards.

I noticed that I have a few pins that have become rusty from just sitting in my pin cushion.  OK, so I found emery for sale at Amazon!  Guess what I'll be putting in my pincushions from now on!!!!


TheTellTaleTasha said...

WOW! I was completely clueless!
Thanks for sharing !

Dorothy DotDot said...

Very useful info. I've made a cushion from whatever, not knowing the importance of the ingredients.