Monday, January 4, 2016

New skirt

My first post of 2016!!!  I made this skirt using a vintage Vogue pattern, view C.  

A follow ASG member brought a bag of patterns to our meeting.  This is one of the many I selected!  Not sure of the fabric content.  Fabric from Metro Textiles in NY.  Lining is a black silky habutai also purchased in NY. 

I love the fit and can wear this skirt with many tops.  I guess it's what you would call a "wardrobe staple." 
Check out the shoulders on those tops!!!! Reminds me of Crystal in Dynasty.
I love how it looks straight when I'm standing still.
I omitted the waistband and added a gross grain ribbon.  Check out my ribbon indicating the back of the skirt!
lined zipper edge
beautiful invisible zipper insertion


Penelope White said...

Crystal in Dynasty????? Chile some of these babies have to google that reference. I myself was a baby.....

But I adore the skirt. I love older patterns

And I like the Dallas look myself. Pam was fly all day long!

Mary DeBar said...

I have this pattern from years ago and enjoyed making the same view. This is one of my patterns that made the cut to move to CA.

Tee said...

Penelope you are so right! I'm showing my age here!!! thanks

Tee said...

Mary looks like great minds think alike! Take care!

365 Dresses said...

That looks great!!! Love the waistband and ribbon marker!