Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A dress for me!!!

In May we celebrate Women's Day at my church. We always have a color scheme. This year it was Turquoise and White.  
Turquoise - Love, Patience, Loyalty
White - Faith, Purity, Truth

Because I was in the throes of wedding alterations and making prom gowns I choose this simple pattern to make my dress.  I think I got t at an ASG stash sale!!!  I love working with multi-cup patterns. They usually work out gray fit wise for me if I use the "C" cup sizing.  

I used a white poly shantung Fabric from Oriole Textiles, NY, for the base of the dress.  The lace overlay is from Walmart. It's a very easy to follow pattern.  Love how it turned out!!


Robin said...

Lovely, one of my favorite colors!

Sheila said...

Pretty dress and looks great on you.

Mohammad Salauddin said...

So pretty dress that is. you are looking also very good.
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