Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Peanut Man

The youth put on a Black History skit at church on Sunday.  I was tasked with making something to help the youngsters represent the great inventor George Washington Carver.

As the little ones walked down the isles passing out peanut treats, they wore these aprons adorned with peanuts.  I think they turned out wonderfully!

I used a brown cotton fabric for the apron.  I free hand drew the peanut shape this cotton fabric purchased at fabric.com  I lined the peanut shape with a thin quilt batting and zig-zaged around the pinked edge.

Now back to prom gowns and wedding alterations!!!!!   Happy sewing!!!!


CAN I said...

How awesome! These rock.

mrsmole said...

What darling aprons! I want one!

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daliya aliya yıldız said...

Woow. Great job.