Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sewing room shenanigans

In my quest to organize my sewing room I added another peg board.

I found so many pin cushions.  I didn't realize I had so many!!!!

I use this one to store barely used machine needles.  It has a strawberry needle sharpener.

My cousin, Vergie, made this multi-functional mason jar pin cushion. 
I purchased this pin cushion from Sewing Expo a couple of years ago.  Its for decoration only.
I received this pin cushion for serving as an Ambassador at the Sewing Expo.
I made this pin cushion many hears ago at an ASG conference.  The base is an empty tuna can.
I made this one also it fits right up against my sewing machine.
This magnetized bowl came from Lowe's.  I keep it at my cutting station. It catches everthing!!!

Barbara made the little chick a dee at retreat last year.  The small tomato was from a deceased church member's stash.  The wrist band one came from Joann's' and the flower pin cushion is actually has an elastic band that you wear like a ring!  I found that at Tuesday Morning's.  

This cutie was made by a friend who attended my sewing retreat.  She made one for everyone.  How many pin cushions do you have????

Happy sewing!!!


Penelope White said...

I need a better way to store my little things....

Eli cat said...

Cute, cute! A loooot of pin cushions! I have only one but I would like to need another one. Thank you for the informative post:)