Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Go Kyle

Here's my first project of the year.  My friend at church commissioned me to make her son's 16th birthday present.  She gave me a bag of football jerseys and said make him a blanket.

After researching on Youtube "University" and talking to some sewing friends, this is what I came up with!  This was "sew" much fun!!!!!

I used the June Tailor t-shirt interfacing and ruler to cut and stabilize the jerseys.

I decided to use fleece for the sashing and backing.  I found it to be a cozier than using cotton since the jerseys were made with that knit mesh fabric.  I fused the interfacing onto the fleece and the jersey panels.  Most importantly, I used my walking foot!  That thing is a miracle worker.

I cut out and appliqued the two wolf emblems from one of the jerseys.
 Kyle loved the blanket!  I would love to make more of these!!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Happy sewing!!!!


Bunny said...

It looks great. Did you have any issues fusing with the fleece? Seems it wouldn't take the heat or stick. Would love to know how you did it. thanks. Your blanket is perfect for a young man and looks really warm and snuggly.

Tee said...

Hi Bunny

It took really well on the fleece. I used my Reliable generator iron and used lots of steam.