Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a beautiful sight!

I came down stairs today to take a peek outside and what did I see in my yard, this lovely red bird pecking away at the snow.  Not sure if he is a Cardinal.  All of the pictures I found on the Net show a Cardinal with a little black around the beak.  Isn't it lovely.  Sorry but this pic is through my window.  When I sneaked outsidet to get a better picture, he took off.  I then decided to feed the birds.  Wow so many stopped to eat, but not the red bird.  He looked so majestic.  I think I'll make something red today!  What inspiration.


Melodye said...

It's what we've been calling a cardinal. Maybe this is the year I'll make good on my thought to buy a bird identification book!

Trudy Callan said...

Looks very much like a cardinal to me.

Thanks for the compliment on the new look of my blog. I'm so glad you like it.

I have had people tell me that I look like Jane Seymour, but not in several years. Thanks for that compliment as well.

Well, I feel good now. I'll try not to get all puffed up.

KayY said...

Definitely a male cardinal.