Sunday, July 3, 2011

Always a "Flower Girl" Not a Bride Yet!!!!

Hi friends out there in sewing land!  I've been checking out all of your wonderful sewing blogs!!!!  You all are so talented, thanks for the inspiration!!!. I haven't posted in a bit, but I've been oh so busy.  I've been taking on jobs from a friend who is a fulltime seamstress.  I've been busling (sp) and hemming wedding and bridesmaids gowns.  I love doing them because you pick up some neat industry techniques when you take them apart.  That's the only kind of alteration I like doing?  What about you.

Here are some pics of my GD, Kyla, yes, she was in another wedding!  She's becoming a pro at 7 years old.

I used Butterick 5901 to make Butterick 3351 (B) since I didn't have Butterick 3351 in my GD's size.  It turned out great!


I finally got something made for myself!!! Yippee!!!  Two cotton knit dresses.  The fabrics are from Elliott Berman Textiles in NY!  I used New Look 6697 (view E) for the black and white print.  I used my Evolve cover stitch for the hem.  I serged the seams over bias seam binding to prevent stretching and wore a red belt for some color.  However, in the pic, I used a piece of scrap red fabric!

I found this black/white/orange cotton knit at Elliott Berman's also!  It was the fist piece I saw when I went into the store.  I used McCalls 6074.  It's such a versatile dress - shopping, movies, or I can wear to work on casual Friday's since we can't wear jeans, this dress would be appropriate.      

That's all for now folks, thanks for stopping by!


Elaray said...

What an adorable little diva!
She lookis great!


Great job, love the pics, a true Diva, lol !

Jada said...

Great job! What a pretty little princess.

Diana said...

Your Gd is adorable! I love both your dresses but especially the second one. Both are very summery!