Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello everyone

Wow, it sure has been hot in Baltimore!!!!  I've been doing a lot of  sewing.  A lot of it has been wedding dress alterations.  So far I've bustled and hemmed four wedding gowns.  In between all of that, I'm making a dress for my birthday!!!!  I'll be "fabulous fifty on August 3."  My DDs are planning a "surprise" party for me...don't know the date, place, or time, but I want to be ready~~~~it all started when I told my oldest that was beginning to plan my birthday party....she said "ma now I have to tell you, stop planning, don't ask any questions, just stop planning!  LOL  So I got the message and focused on other stuff.  But surprise or not, I have to make a special dress!!!!!  I]m sort of designing it myself.  I want something with one shoulder exposed.  I draped this on the mannequin, now to put it into a real dress.
I got this beautiful fabric from "A Fabric Place" on Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD.  They have the most exquisite fabrics!!!!!  I underlining it in a light weight gold metallic knit.  I'm also preparing a muslin for my "Little Black Dress" class with Susan Khalje at the ASG National Conference in LA!  I'm so excited, this will be my second class with Susan.  She is phenomenal!!!!  I making a very old Vogue pattern (2913 Vogue Attitudes by Paul and Linda Platt cir 1992). Doesn't it look so Audrey Hepburn. We have to prepare a couture muslin with 1" seams and trace all the pattern markings with carbon tracing paper. This is a lot of work!  We can't do make any fit adjustments, just use our basic measurements, she will teach us how to use the muslin to make the necessary adjustments, which will then become our pattern!!!!!  I cut out the size 12.  After that I will be working on my cousin's wedding gown.  I'm duplicating this gown for her.   It didn't come in her size, so I'll using my Wildginger software---I'll keep you posted.  Last but not least I'm making a bridesmaid gown.  Black dull satin.  The bride piced this vintage Butterick Essence pattern.  I'm making the long version.  Funny thing is I used Wildginger to make the fitting garment, before I had the pattern and except for a few minor changes to the neckline, it drafted out perfectly!!!!!  However,  I don't think black satin is very good choice/color for an August wedding.  I've got the satin underlined with white silk organza and will be using china silk lining fabric.  Hopefully this will help her stay cool when not indoors.  My other gown alterations include shortening a wedding gown that has an intricate lace edge hem.  I'm going to take the gown apart at the bodice/waist; shorten it and then reattach it.  I won't start this project until after conference. 

August is a pretty busy month for us this year, we also will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary on August 8.  I've been blessed with a marvelous husband who doesn't mind my sewing indulgences!!!!  I've just got to get into men's clothes.  I want to make him some shirts.  I hope to have some made for him by Christmas.  I don't know about you, but I find them dull to make....what about you guys - how do you feel about sewing for men?????  Holler back, I really want to know what you think....any tips, words of encouragement....LOL  Well that's all for now!



Towanda said...

You are just too busy for words. I was trying not to go to see Michael and here you go posting tempation. LOL. I love the fabric, can't wait to see the finished dress. Happy Birthday and Anniversary. Sewing for men - I have only gotten as far as buying patterns. One of these days, I might actually sew something for me. He would probably faint.

Melodye said...

Happy birthday!!! The one down thing about retirement is that there's no need for day to day clothing. So far this year no need for after 5 either so no new clothes here. Shhh!!!! I haven't told my DH that my machine sews mens' clothes!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday fellow Leo ! and Happy Anniversary as well! I love the fabric for your dress, i will be looking forward to the finish one too!!! as for men's wear...I LOVE IT! it's nothing like a fresh crisp shirt that well fitted on a man!! BUT...i don't have a husband anymore and the little guy is getting too old for the cute-sy stuff, so i down to just button up shirts for the little guy...for now anyway! hopefully i will get back up and running and will take some orders again. Have a great August, lots for you to celebrate!