Monday, February 27, 2012

Sewing Room - Painting

Wow, I learned this weekend that I CAN'T PAINT!  I was just lousy at it!  I got in a few brush strokes and near about drove my husband to cuss.  LOL.

Well he did a superb job and finished the room beautifully.  Next up crown molding and the floor!  We had to put in a few access panels, but the ones we got from Home Depot didn't fit.  DH is ordering some custom fitting ones on line.

Funny thing about the pet door we installed for the cat.  She won't go through it unless I push it through for her.  I'm trying to train her, but it's crazy she will not push hard enough with her head to get through.  Hopefully she will get the hang of it.  Any tips!

Doing a little mending for some clients  Just replaced 2 zippers and fixed the zipper pull on my husband's hoodie.  I found a great tutorial on You Tube that showed me how to do it in a flash! 

My other client needed a zipper replaced on a coat.  The little piece that you put into the square part at the bottom of the zipper is gone and the fabric is pretty frayed....looks like this will be a whole zipper replacement.

Projects on the horizon: 
My DGD will receive her first holy communion in April and has picked out this Burda pattern. She wants the viw with the fabric flowers and organza tiered overskirt. I'll be sure to post pics.

Happy sewing out there, thanks for stopping by!


Faye Lewis said...

I found out that I don't (can't) paint either. Maybe I need lots more practice.

Nancy said...

Try a kitty treat on the other side of the door. Let kitty smell the treat then put it on the other side. This might entice her to head on through the opening.

I can't paint either, my husband gives me the inside of closets to paint so no one will notice the bad paint job!!


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I can't paint either. And they make it look so easy on TV that you'd have to be a moron not to be able to do it. I once painted a bathroom so badly that my husband had to sand the walls to fix it. Don't feel too bad.