Thursday, March 15, 2012

We're Coming Down the Home Stretch, Oh My!!!!

Happy Friday!

Here are some pics of the finished room.  It's coming together so nicely!
This will be my Enterprise's new home---along the shorter dark wall.

See the tv mount on this wall,  I should be able to see the TV from all angles.  The armoire will be moved to an upstairs bedroom.  
The freezer is now on the other side of the door!  We returned the fireplace heater for the smaller unit you see here.

Here's my lovely new sewing machine table from "Angel Diane." Two machines left and right, wow!  I haven't moved the sewing machines from upstairs yet. 
The chair is also new.  It's a Koala. So comfy!

Here's a pic with the track lights.  They are awesome!!!  Not sure what that blue is at the top of the pic, must be the lighting effect of the camera flash????  There is no blue paint in the room!  The Pfaff in the case is my first really expensive sewing machine.  She is 26 yrs old and now lives a quite retired life.  The other sewing machines don't get much use.  I keep them for when my grands come over. 
The switch plate covers looks so nice!  
I covered this one with fabric.
 My under-stairs storage is still a work in progress!  But I like what I see so far!!! It's really coming together nicely, can't believe how nice everything looks. 

The cabinet maker promised by cutting/work station and fabric shelf will be ready in two weeks.  He's coming over Saturday to to see the floor so that he can match the stain.

Hope you enjoyed the post!!


Cinnamonhntofchocolatedrop said...

OMG!!!!! Ma I Can't believe this is the same exact basement I grew up dancing in with Cole and then turning it into my ....look at it

You are SOOOOOO deserving of now maybe I can get a dress made and can be treated like a "real" client minus of course the cost factor we cantalk about luv yah you should have a grand opening of the new "Dress 2 a Tee" sewing room

Towanda said...

I love the color, your room is looking great.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the name of the sewing machine table or who manufactured it? I have one I just purchased from Craiglist.

Dressed2atee said...

@Anonymous--I checked there was no label on the table. The woman who purchased the table is now deceased.

Melodye said...

This is great! Loads of space, great light. I can't wait to see what's going to come out of such a great space. One question - where's fabric storage?? Enjoy your new space, you deserve it!

Dressed2atee said...

Hi Mel, I'm having a shelf built for fabric storage, and my custom work/cutting table will have some fabric storage as well.

Sheila said...

Great space and its coming along nicely.

Samina said...

OMG! Tee, your sewing table looks like mine, except mine is about 25 years old. That shape has worked beautifully for me thus far.
Looks awesome so far -- thanks for ideas for my own re-do :). Can hardly wait to see the finished room.

Tee said...

Samina!!! That table was gifted to me. I get so many compliments on it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, could anyone tell me how much they paid for the sewing table? I have the exact same one and am trying to sell it. I haven't been able to track down the company that made it. Any information would be great!! Thank you. Awesome room makeover.

Cyndi said...

I just picked up this same cabinet. I bought it from a friend's mother. No clue on the manufacturer. Mine has a 3 drawer cabinet that fits under the center and an ironing board that hooks onto the left side.