Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Wow, this was a busy weekend!  First the Majestic Ball Fundraiser on Friday, and then Sunday the Catholic Daughter's of the America's Tea.  We hold an annual tea to raise funds for scholarships.  Every year we attend the Tea wearing pearls, gloves, and beautiful hats.  Each year the hats are judged and the winner get a pretty hat box!  Last year I came in third for "Most Extravagant" category.  I won a small gift bag.  This year we were challenged to wear a hat inspired by chocolate!  Guess what!  Mine was one of the winning hats this year!  I created the hat around 10 pm the night before.  LOL I guess I get creative late at night!  I purchased a cotton print with chocolate bon bons and chocolate hearts.  I made a "kofi" and glued Hershey's kisses and miniature Hershey bars to the hat!  I added some tulle and presto, this is how it turned out. They didn't photograph well, but I put red crystals on the hat and tulle.  It was so hot Sunday that the candy starting melting on the way home, LOL!

My hat box!

Here are some of the other pretty hats!
My GD, Naija, is a Jr. Catholic Daugher, this is our third tea!  She's almost taller than her "Mee Mee"! 


Sandy said...

Hate you won't make it to NY. I'd love to get a chance to finally meet face to face. This will be my first trip to NY; I'm excited.

I'll be in your area in July to visit relatives. My first stop is G-Street!

Thanks for the hint on the fabric stash utility for the ipad. I'm going to give it a try. I'm almost done with my pattern cataloging.

I love your new sewing room! I'm jealous (in a good way).

Melodye said...

Love the hat! Someone asked about the sewing table you were gifted. Here it is: