Saturday, April 28, 2012

A little of this a little of that

Well I had a fender bender last Sunday! A dude jump into my lane without looking! I was out of commission last week as a result. Feeling much better now.
Glad that I had finished GDs 1st Holy Communion gown the week before. It turned out nicely. I used this Burda pattern, but I used the flowers in a different way.
I also embroidered a redwork cross on the organza overlay on the front of her gown. The mass is tomorrow. She was very pleased.


Sandy said...

The dress looks adorable. I know she will love it.

Sorry to hear about the accident but glad you are OK. Hate you won't tget to NY in May. But don't worry I'll just have to buy enough fabric for those that can't make it - SMILE.

I will be in Balti. sometime in July to visit family. If you're open to some shopping would love to meet you. (Of course G-street will be my first stop!).

BTW I downloaded the fabric stash program, and giving it a whirl. So far I am really loving using one-note for my pattern cataloging.

Dressed2atee said...


I would love to go shopping....please send me an email and we'll exchange info. Thanks

Dressed2atee said...

Opps. @Sandy apologies :)

Melodye said...

Sorry about the accident, but glad you weren't hurt badly. The dressnis gorgeous and can't wait to see pics. If you and Sandy are interested in adding one more, I;d love to g!


Towanda said...

I'm glad that you didn't get hurt too bad and am feeling better. I love the dress. I see that you are moving into your sewing room.

Dressed2atee said...

@Melodye--sure the more the merrier!