Sunday, May 12, 2013

Prom No 2

Well this pretty lady is Natei (pronounced Na-Tay).  She designed her gown complete with the heart cut out in the middle!  I think she looks lovely!  She really like her gown, too.  The dress is an oriental brocade (A Fabric Place) which I fused with light weight fusible interfacing.   I then underlined the entire dress and sewed it together, all seam edges were serged.  Fusing the fashion fabric really helps with wrinkling and give it a great body!  The skirt is made out of two layers of iridescent royal blue and gold organza  (A Fabric Place) cut on the bias and rolled edged with a fish line hem.   It seems that the top row fell a bit from when I first did them, but it still looks great!   One more prom gown to go, until then~thanks for dropping by!
no, this isn't her prom date, lol

I inner skirt is lined with the Oriental brocade~


Dorothy DotDot said...

Oooh so pretty!

Tee said...

Thanks so much Dorothy!!

DawnSSL said...

The dress is beautiful and she looks beautiful in it!

Tee said...

Thanks Dawn!