Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New sewing table

So my DH called from work and asked if I wanted a table his employers were tossing. He said he thought it was what I had talked about. So after looking at the pics he text me I said yes honey, bring it home!

Now I already had a sewing table, but he knew I wanted something with a bigger surface.  My dear friend at church modified it so that the sewing machine would sit flush with the top.  I originally planned to place two sewing machines on it, but decided to use the other dropped area for notions. I moved most of these notions from the top back edge of my cutting center.  This was awesome as it freed up six inches of space on the cutting surface, and now my sewing notions are at my fingertips while sewing!   My other table had a small drawer in the center.

I've had this table for several weeks and love it!  It was adjustable so I was able to raise it a few inches higher than my old table.  Guess what, I not experiencing the back pain after sewing for long periods like I did the other table!!!!!  I guess my old table wasn't ergonomically correct!  

Here's my new table.  I have the Juki and Babylock serger on it. Since taking this picture, 
I've since placed my Janome 1600P into a modified Gidget Table and placed it here beside the existing table.  I now have a "U" shaped sewing area.

The pill bottle is for old sewing needles, I change them often
I decided to put my old sewing table on one of my Facebook sewing groups.  Since it was gifted to me, I wanted to pay it forward.  The lovely Alana came and picked it up.  She was so sweet, she gifted me with a Dritz Twin Fit dress form.  She let me know the other day she is enjoying her new table.  In fact, she said she is sewing on one end and teaching her aunt to sew on the other!!!!

Here's my old table...

We're having some painting done so I'll be home babysitting the painters for at least three days!!!  Can you say sew-cation!!!!  I'm working on various projects and sewing two garments to wear in the ASG fashion show in July so my blogging will be kind of sparse for the next few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy sewing!!!!!


Penelope White said...

That's how a sewing room should look. Not all clean and tidy

Tee said...

Yes Penelope! My room is NEVER clean and tidy!!!! I'm always in my room and luckily I can just leave everything like it is until I return.

mrsmole said...

Nothing like a new table to get a girl smiling and re-organizing...hooray for you! And such a good deal...an old table for a mannequin...a win/win! Wishing you many happy productive hours this season and only respectful brides!

Bunny said...

I'd say you "cleaned up"!