Monday, July 27, 2015

ASG Conference, 2015

Well I'm just back from six glorious days at the ASG Conference in San Diego, CA.  I enjoyed every minute of it!!!!  I took some fabulous classes and got to catch up with lots of fellow sewing friends!!!!!

I took two very good classes:

1) Bra Fitting with Monica O’Rourke Bravo of BravoBella!!!  She's the daughter of bra making expert, Anne St. Clair.  I took a bra making class from Anne in 2011.  Both ladies are experts in the bra making business.  Although their approach is slightly different I gained some cool techniques in bra fitting/making from Monica.

She subscribes to the theory that there are two breast shapes:  oval or round!  I'm clearly a round so I look better with a three-seam bra vs. the one-seam bra.  The more seams, the more support!!! 

I loved the way Monica ran the class.  She crammed a lot of information into the day-long class.  Each person was fitted in front of the class, which gave us the opportunity to analyze various shapes and sizes.  Helpful if you want to make bras for others.  

So I'm once again armed with a great fitting bra pattern and supplies!!!!  This time I vow to make a few colorful well-fitting bras.  I'll take it a step further, I will make one bra before September 1, 2015!!!!

Class #2 Drum roll please!!!!!  The Chanel Jacket with Claire Shaeffer!!!!  Yes Lady Chanel herself!  The one and only official Chanel historian in the sewing world!!!!!  This lady is walking Chanel dictionary!!!!  A two-day class just wasn't enough.  I was disappointed when I first learned that we were only working on the three-piece sleeve, not the jacket.  What was I thinking, we're talking Claire Shaeffer!  This lady knows what she's doing.  After constructing my three-piece sleeve, I am now armed with all of the necessary techniques to complete my very own Chanel jacket!!!!!  The sleeve was mostly hand sewn.  We used the slip stitch, stay stitch, and basting stitch.  The term "couture" is so widely misused today.  Basically couture means hand sewn!   The sleeve we made is from this very popular pattern Vogue 8804. 

The sleeve is made into three pieces because Chanel liked the sleeve vent to face forward so that it could be seen.  It's so pretty it deserves to be seen!!!!

We used a wonderful basting thread and a Mettler for all other sewing (hand and machine). 

Couture trim made by sewing a strip of the fashion fabric to a strip of bias cut chiffon.  Fold in half and sew tiny zig zag stitches to the edge press and fringe with a sewing needle.  Turned out beautiful, perfect matching trim every time!!!
Trim is hand sewn to the sleeve!
Quilted the lining to the sleeve fashion fabric...this will be done to the entire jacket. 

Hand sewed Wigan into the sleeve hem.  I can't wait to start on my own Chanel Jacket!

With all the hand sewing we were doing, someone had this handy gadget!  I couldn't wait to get to the vendors and purchase my own. It's the best needle threaded I've ever used!!!!

Here are some of the goodies I purchased from the Conference Vendors:
I can't wait to embroider these lovely ladies --- tote bags anyone!!!!
Scissor-themed cotton fabric, what shall I make?? The white stuff is tricot and jersey for making bras.
This is an adorable notebook.
Interfacing purchased from Gail Yellen's booth.
Note cards and pattern tape.  It's supposed to withstand head.

My dear sewing friend, Marie, made our little group these adorable bags for our sewing nations! 
Beautiful neoprene for only $5 a yard!!!!

This beautiful chiffon border print was only $3 a yard!  I'm thinking a maxi dress overlay or maxi skirt????  Oh the possibilities?????

Next year's conference will be held in Indianap


CurvyGirls areChic said...

Wow you have some great finds here! Can you post who the vendors are of the notebook and the interfacings?

Tee said...

The interfacing is from Gale Yellen

Vintage cards

Bunny said...

Isn't Claire and absolute treasure? Her classes are THE best. I learned so much from her as did all of us who took her class in Palm Springs. Lucky you! I got the great basting thread as well. Don't you love the treasures she brings?

I can't wait to see your jacket. I have all the goodies to start another. They are an intense project but so worth it. Thanks for your report on the conference.

365 Dresses said...

Tee that looks so great! I'm always hesitant to commit to a day (or longer) class, but it sounds as if both of these were worth it.

And the border print fabric is especially sumptuous! I LOVE border prints!!