Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Projects, projects, many, many projects

Well the hot weather is here and I love it!!!  Being an August Baby I claim this as the reason why I love hot weather!!!   We have more thunderstorms than I can remember than last year though...that part I can do without!!!

I've been busy sewing away....I just finished altering a beautiful wedding gown.  The bride wanted some of the tulle underskirt removed and need the gown bustled.  However, when I tried to zip her gown it was extremely tight!!!!  I checked her seams and there was enough fabric to let them out just enough to accommodate her size.  The only thing that worried me was the lace overlay didn't have any side seams.  I feared that letting the seams out too much would cause the lace to stretch and possibly tear when she tried on her gown.  I gave her strict instructions to eat no "white" foods (starchy, sugar, flour); no fried foods; to drink only water, tea, and coffee' to eat only chicken, fish, and/or turkey.  She also said she would be increasing her walking exercise program.  I had my doubts as most people who say they are going to lose weight don't.  Two weeks went by and to my surprise I was able to zip her gown with a tad bit of room to spare!!  I cautioned her to stick to her routine until after the wedding...I also suggested that she maintain not lose any weight for fear I'd have to take it in at the last minute.  Here she is in her gown....beautiful. 

I convinced her that she needed to keep some of the tulle to maintain the mermaid look, whew!!!!
I added a French (under) and American (over) bustle to this gown...I wanted to be sure it would stay put during the reception.

Up next are my outfits for the American Sewing Guild Conference's fashion show in San Diego.  The theme is "On the Wild Side."  I'm making dress Vogue 1234 and a self-drafted maxi skirt ensemble.  I'll post pics after the show. 

Here's a sneak peak of the skirt!

My next client is attending a conference for "Bedroom Kandi" in Atlanta, GA, and wanted a sexy, yet classy outfit.  I found this outfit and thought it was a great staring point for her look!

I drafted her skirt in Wildginger and used Simplicity 1650 for the peplum. For the halter top I used OOP (OUT OF PRINT) Vogue 8191 View B. See this is why I never throw away my patterns!

At the fitting she decided she wanted her peplum a little more asymmetrical in the front.  I think this will look great too.  Here's a pic of her in her fitting muslin before the adjustments are made.  I will rotate those bust darts out as I don't want them in the final look.  I'll re-cut this and work on it when I return from conference.

Here's her fabric choice
The back view
This will be my last post until conference next week....happy sewing & thanks for stopping by!!!


Linda T said...

Gorgeous wedding dress!

mrsmole said...

Great job on the wedding dress and what fabulous fabric for the next outfit! Your clients are very lucky to have you and your pattern collection! Not many seamstresses would go to the trouble of creating and blending so many different looks into one great project. The muslin looks great!