Sunday, October 4, 2015

I Love New York Fabric Shopping

I'm I Yesterday 44 of my friends and I travelled to the NY garment district to shop! Our first stop was Metro Textiles!!!  Koshi is always provides excellent customer service!  They rearranged the store and there's so much more room! I had my fabrics shipped so I only have one pic of my GD who is shopping for her junior prom gown!!!
GD picking out prom gown fabric!!!!
back of my Mood t-shirt
cotton fabric
Picked this beautiful fabric up at Ebad 550 8th Ave, NY.  Love the texture.  Not sure of the content - poly something - suit/bottom weight.  I see a midi-pencil skirt.
From Metro Textiles.  It looks like crocheted circles with a gold embellishment in the middle on a sheer backing.  I see a cape type coat for this one.

At G&R Fabrics 239 W 39 St, NY, which was having a moving sale.  I found this beautiful tweed-type fabric---coat weight
Unfortunately the camera doesn't capture the beauty of the knit. It glistens and drapes beautifully!!!!  Metro textiles
look at that drape!!!!!
Mango poly satin from Metro Textiles - gown for my Mediterranean cruise!!!!!
Another beauty from Metro Textiles...heavy sweater knit
A quilted sweater knit from Metro Textiles.   It looks like a sweatshirt on the other side.  I see this in a sporty fun jacket.
I always buy a 50 yd bolt of muslin from Metro Textiles.It's a staple in my work room, because I always make a muslin!!!!!
Happy sewing ladies.  I'll post pics from my Sewing Expo trip next.


Bunny said...

Quite a haul! That crocheted circle piece is making me green with envy. You could make a Chanel style jacket with the tweed and/or the one under it. Great choices, Tee.

Melodye said...

What a haul, I can't wait to see what you do with these! The pic of your granddaughter is priceless.

365 Dresses said...

How'd I miss some of these? Let's go back! Soon!! I had such a great time. That color on your granddaughter is very special---I'm looking forward to seeing her in the dress.

Dara Harper said...


Faye Lewis said...

I know you all had a wonderful time!