Thursday, October 8, 2015

The cutest...

My GD and I attended, along with a bus load of sewing friends, the Sewing Expo in Fredericksburg, VA, this past weekend!  I spent most of my day greeting folks at the ASG booth.  Oh well I blinked! I was not sleeping on the job!  
I got to check out the vendors and displays a bit...
She was fascinated with the long arm. She sampled several brands!  LOL is she going to be a quilter????  
Here she is trying out a neat seam ripper!

The folks that were scheduled to do the fashion were a no show.  Yours truly helping out.  I'm modelled a few of Rae Cumbie's Tabla Rusa jackets.  She generously gave me her t-shirt pattern for helping out!  Sweet!

As you know, I had a fabric shopping spree last week in NY.  So no fabric for me this trip!  I did, however, find this beautiful plaid for a client at the Vogue Fabrics stand. You can't really see, but it has metallic threads running through it.  

I got to see one of my sewing sisters--Sharon from NY!  
I purchased the cutest pin cushion!!!
I love the name of this business "At my own pace creations"

All and all it was a fun day!!!  Thanks for dropping  by!

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Bunny said...

You are modeling quite nicely, Ms. Tee. I think it is so wonderful you bring your GD to these events. It will make precious memories and I promise, she will definitely be a great sewist with your inspiration. Glad you had such a fun time.