Sunday, February 28, 2016

Academy Awards

This is one of my favorite gowns from the Academy Awards!
Halle is absolutely gorgeous in this gown.  Jim Suzio, a sewing/embroidery instructor I met at the Sewing Expo in Chantilly, VA, many, many years ago did a great knock off of this gown.  
This is his version worn by a model and his daughter, Merri! He nailed it don't you think!  He embroidered the lace appliqu├ęs and didn't use stabilizers. He used spray starch to stabilize the organza and simply washed it away when the embroidery was completed!  Amazing!!!!!

I'll be watching tonight drilling over the eye candy!!!!!  

I had surgery last week to correct my left thumb which had trigger thumb.  I'll be all set to sew prom gowns next week they remove the stitches. The thumb was in pain pretty much all of Feb!!!! curtailing my sewing quite a bit!  

I'm feeling better already!!!

Enjoy this beautiful day!  It's supposed to be 65 in Baltimore!!!!


Faye Lewis said...

Halle's dress was gorgeous. Glad you are feeling better!

Bunny said...

Glad that thumb is taken care of. It's awful when we have to take time out because of health issues but in the end it's worth it. Happy future sewing with less pain!

fzillion said...
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