Monday, May 16, 2016

Sandra Betzina

In January I became the Special Events Chair for the Maryland Chapter of the American Sewing Guild.  I wanted to bring a "big" name sewing talent!  So I contacted the great Sandra Betzina and worked with her wonderful assistant, Lissette, to get bring her to our Chapter in April.  ASG members from Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, North Carolina and Florida join us for a fun-filled weekend!!!

Our weekend with Sandra Betzina was priceless!  Sandra is so down to earth.  The three-day workshop was held at the Holiday Inn and Suites and the Catonsville United Methodist Church in Catonsville, MD.   To my surprise, Sandra was born and raised in Catonsville.  So she was eager to arrive and truly enjoyed seeing her old stomping grounds and the many, many changes!!!

On Friday, the first workshop was held.  Sandra discussed each chapter and went cover-to-cover demonstrating/lecturing about the vast tips in her Power Sewing Tool Box series.  We learned so much about the little details that make custom sewn garments look professional!  Fitting tips, fabric and pattern choices, and details, details, details are very important factors to consider before taking scissors to fabric!!!  Sandra also shared quite a bit of techniques that were not in her Toolbox series!!!

Saturday's trunk show/lecture was awesome. Sandra continued to discuss her Toolbox Techniques. We had the luxury of inspecting her garments up close and personal.  What a difference seeing the patterns made up in luxurious fabrics vs. the pictures on the pattern envelope.


Sandra changed into a few different outfits during the Saturday lecture.

On Sunday, the class was limited to twelve participants.  We each brought in a Sandra Betzina jacket pattern.  Sandra helped each of us make pattern adjustments and we all came home with a great muslin.  We plan to make our jackets and wear them in our Chapter's Annual Fashion Show/Luncheon Meeting in October!

Sandra is planning on retiring in the next couple of years!  I highly recommend taking a class or attending one of her fabulous retreats!!!  You won't be disappointed!!!!


-jo mb said...

this is yet another time I wish I could be cloned. Sandra is my favorite star! I am very disappointed that I could not attend - and she was right here! I'm glad that everyone appreciated how special her acceptance of this rare opportunity is. Thank you for sharing the pix! I really like that she is down to earth, that she loves what she does and desires to share it in a way that you get it, and has skills and experience out the wahoo. Wow. -j

Bunny said...

Some of our greatest sewing teachers will be retiring soon. I have no idea who is there to take their place. They are treasures. I only wish I were close enough to have attended your event. Looks like you did a super job of managing it all.

Cennetta said...

Oh no, retiring. She the best and her retreats are outstanding.