Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Her dad will be with her...

I just altered this wedding gown from David's Bridal. It is beautiful.  7 layers: 2 types of lace, netting, crepe, and a poly lining.

I cut and hemmed the front layers.

 Took in the bodice side seams, which made the neckline too high so I recut and sewed it. Everything turned out great. 

Those buttons have to be buttoned and unbuttoned!  Wow!!!

Her last request was that I sew a piece of her father's shirt somewhere in the gown. I found the perfect spot where it would not cast a shadow!  She was so happy!!!

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mrsmole said...

Isn't wonderful and so rewarding to be allowed to insert a little scrap of fabric from a loved one inside the dress? It just gives me the chills when this happens and you are twice blessed for doing such a nice thing for her. Great altering and such a perfect fit! Wow!